Haven House employs over a dozen full- and part-time staff to provide the best case management and support services to homeless families. See a list of current Haven House staff.  When staff positions become available, Haven House posts them here, as well as using a number of online job boards.  

One of the best ways to start is by volunteering: many staff members began as volunteers with Haven House.

To apply for an open position: email your cover letter and resumé.
Position: Housing Resource Specialist
Position Status: Salary, Full-Time, Exempt

Summary of Functions
The Housing Resource Specialist works with families in the community who are facing homelessness or are recently homeless and now in housing. The purpose is to assist these families in maintaining housing stability and to guide them towards self-sufficiency.

 Duties and ResponsibilitiesPerformance standards

Evaluation of performance in the position is based on satisfactory performance of the duties and responsibilities described above.

Education and Other Qualifications for the Position

1. Education: Bachelor’s Degree preferred, but not required
2. Experience: 1-2 year of case management experience required
3. Competencies:
     a. Time management skills
     b. Ability to work with outside agency staff and with clients
     c. Problem-solving skills
     d. Teaching and coaching expertise in life skills
4. Ability to work some weekends and evenings
5. Physical abilities to handle stairs and other barriers in family rental units
6. Pass criminal background check
7. Car and valid driver’s license needed



Position: Shelter Coordinator
Position Status: Hourly, Part-Time, Non-Exempt
Summary of Functions
The Shelter Coordinator will work primarily during daytime or evening hours and is responsible for monitoring shelter functions and solving problems that arise. The Shelter Coordinator will be working cooperatively with other staff members, volunteers, and student interns who are on duty during the day to clarify and share responsibilities and to enhance team functioning. In addition, the Shelter Coordinator will provide information in writing to other staff concerning resident issues, building issues and any other relevant matters. Providing such information will enable the rest of the staff to take appropriate action and will enhance the ability of the entire staff to function as a team and coordinate activities.
Duties and ResponsibilitiesThe applicant must have excellent verbal/written communication skills and strong mediation/problem solving capabilities. Must be comfortable with working independently in a communal living setting. Must be able to work a flexible schedule that may include days, evenings, overnights, weekends, and holidays.

Education and Other Qualifications for the Position
To apply for an open position: email your cover letter and resumé.