Fall Story

Consider giving now to bring confidence, hope, and stability to families.

August 1, 2019

Dear Friend,

Unicorn backpacks, rainbow shoes, and dinosaur shirts fill our shelter right now.  You can see the excited looks on the kids’ faces as they walk through the shelter, holding the exact backpack, shirt, or notebook they wanted. 

Your past support has brought feelings of anticipation and joy to homeless families.  We are especially grateful for this generosity around back-to-school time. 
You have brought hope to families.  
This hope is important.  Yesterday, I learned quite a bit about what our families experience before coming to Haven House.  As part of a   poverty simulation training, I was given an identity based on an actual person making wages just above the poverty line.  I received a list of monthly bills, transportation passes, a work schedule, and other unexpected scenarios, such as court dates or doctors’ appointments.  Going into the training, I thought, “This shouldn’t be too hard.  It is one hour of my life.  I’ll organize myself really well, and I will make it work.”  Little did I know, I was in for a rude awakening. 

I really struggled during that one hour.  I found myself arriving late to work while trying to navigate transporting my “child” to daycare.  Despite working full-time, I could not afford daycare and rent. When I received an eviction notice during the last fifteen minutes of the simulation, I found myself actually panicking; unsure of how I would handle paying rent on time.
I realized these feelings of being overwhelmed, lost, and nervous were caused by a simulation in a controlled environment.  They were temporary.  For the families calling Haven House seeking shelter every morning,panic, frustration, and confusion are parts of their daily realities.

I am writing to ask you to consider once again turning feelings of panic, frustration, and confusion into confidence, hope, and stability for families.

Your gift will continue to support programs, like Partners- In- Progress.  In this program, families receive assistance so that they can be confident in their ability to maintain housing.
As I was thinking about my short-term discomfort during the poverty simulation, I thought about Arminta, a third-grader, who stayed at Haven House this spring.  After just a few weeks at Haven House, Arminta and her family moved into their own apartment.  Arminta started last school year unsure of where she would live, but is starting this year in a stable home.   Arminta is just one of many examples of who your gift will continue to help.
Please consider a financial gift to continue to provide feelings of hope, stability, and confidence to kids, like Arminta.  Your gift allows families to look forward to more than just the school year.  It helps them reach a stable home to spend their lives together.  Thank you for again for considering helping homeless families
help themselves.


Molly Cook
Development Director
Give now to bring hope to homeless families!