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Since 1983, Haven House has helped more than a thousand mothers, fathers and children leave homelessness behind.

Meet the families you're helping...


Logan's Story

Logan is no stranger to staying busy. Being a mom of four small children, and working long hours as a waitress to support her family, has made her an ace at time management. From the moment Logan and her children entered Haven House, she worked hard to meet her goals quickly. She successfully worked two jobs while in shelter, saved money, and secured her own affordable housing for her family again.

Logan had struggled to maintain housing for herself and the kids after their father left the family. She and her kids tried staying with family members, but knew they needed to get into a home of their own again. Logan feels she would not have been able to get her children into their own home so quickly without the help you provided through our shelter and re-housing programs. As Logan says, "The staff at Haven House taught me how to manage my money. Everyone was so helpful."

Since leaving shelter for their own home, Logan's family has been one of our Partners in Progress. Parents in this program complete a monthly budget to help focus on paying rent and utilities before other expenses. They also receive support working toward short- and long-term goals, and get updates on local resources. Logan is very grateful for the generosity of donors for the hygiene items and cleaning supplies she receives through your support of this crucial follow-up program.

Now that Logan has gotten her family comfortable in their new home, she plans to further her education. She believes a career in the medical field is her calling, as a chance to pay forward the good will she has received. Logan practices patience and understanding with her children and those around her. She feels that these skills are transferable with how she wants to earn a living.

Logan said, "During my stay at Haven House, I learned from the stories of other families in the same situation. The families supported each other and it was a very positive environment." Logan is a great example of how hard work and dedication can lead to success!


Latoya's Story

When Latoya came to Haven House, she had no other choice to keep her family together: no other local shelter would allow her 16 year old son to stay together with her and her daughter. The crisis began suddenly.

Flames leapt quickly from the wiring to the curtains. Before long Latoya's home was engulfed. Everyone was safe—for now. But Latoya’s home had been completely destroyed by the fire.  At the time, she was working two part-time jobs and was keeping up with rent and bills, but had not been able to build up any savings. To keep her family together and safely sheltered, Latoya had only one option: Haven House is the lonely local shelter that will not split up a teenage boy and his mom.

Latoya, her teen son and young daughter came to Haven House with little more than the clothes on their backs. But she was determined to make the most of her time in shelter.  With your help, in less than three weeks Latoya was able to secure a new rental. At Haven House she worked on not only saving up for a new rental, but also identified and sought additional resources to supplement her wages.

When Latoya and her family reached their new home, it was unfurnished. But thanks to Haven House donors like you, she now has proper beds for herself and the kids. Since reaching their new home, Latoya’s family has received a visit from our staff each month. As part of this Partners in Progress follow-up program, you helped Latoya with basic needs like supplies for house-cleaning and hygiene, and guidance with financial planning.

Latoya successfully maintains both jobs and closely follows the monthly budget she has figured out thanks to the budgeting skills you’ve provided. Any of her free time lately has been spent working on securing her GED, which she hopes to earn by next year. You kept Latoya’s family together and helped them through a crisis. Now, because of the shelter and assistance you gave, she is ready to start the next chapter of her life.


Sue's Path to Success

“Seek Employment and Housing Non-Stop”

In December of 2014, Sue entered Haven House with her two young sons after leaving her housing due to an unsafe environment. With the guidance of the Haven House program, Sue secured affordable housing for her family again. Sue has been in the same rental for almost three years!

Since her stay at Haven House, Sue has married and had another child. She continues her busy life balancing work, college classes in Health Care Case Management and taking care of her family.

Her husband Lance assists with financially supporting the family through his employment as well. Sue has become a donor to Haven House, bringing hygiene supply items to shelter that she collects through her couponing expertise. Sue looks forward to helping others save money by teaching them the art of couponing, too

Sue’s advice for families in a homeless situation is “don’t be afraid to ask for help, seek employment and housing non-stop, and follow the Haven House program—because it works.”


John and Angela Tell Their Story

Over three years ago, the Smiths were facing multiple crises: "We had a house fire...all the property was completely destroyed. The smoke destroyed it all," John remembers (names have been changed).

Other shelters could take Angela and the girls, "but not us together." Haven House welcomed the family, including John who at the time was also recovering from being struck by a car. "I had a traumatic brain injury.  They were very open...it was remarkable, they worked with us really well." Angela says that while in shelter, our re-housing program became"the foundation for everything we have, as far as learning how to be better with money. Not just to budget, but to plan."

"There's been a rollercoaster of situations in our life," Angela explains. "The house we're in now, we've been there for two years, almost two-and-a-half." John added that our follow-up program contributed to the family gaining long-term stability after leaving shelter for a home of their own again. "There was continuous checking in, help managing money, that was really helpful for us."

Angela says that successfully completing Haven House's shelter and re-housing programs required significant effort on their part, saying "the program works, if you actually work." Even though John and Angela have successfully completed our Partners in Progress program, they remain grateful for the skills they gained from our staff, which they use every day to organize and improve their own lives. So even now, more than two years after leaving shelter, Angela still says "Haven House--they're helping us."   Donate now to help a family >>



Demario and Sabrina

In the spring of 2016, Demario and Sabrina were both seeking work, and were quickly falling behind on their bills. When they could no longer keep up with rent, the family found themselves seeking temporary shelter.

Haven House was the only shelter that allowed them to stay together with their children without having to separate. While in shelter, both parents worked hard to get a budget planned and seek housing options while still trying to secure employment.

As a result of their hard work and perseverance they were able to secure affordable housing in less than thirty days.  With the guidance your support makes possible through our re-housing program, Sabrina quickly obtained employment at a local restaurant chain and Demario is also working, at a factory in Lansing.  Since moving to their own home, both parents have been active participants in our Partners in Progress program which helps them set and achieve long-term goals.

They successfully maintain their housing by following the monthly budget they have identified and making sure their rent and utilities are paid on time every month before other expenses. Demario and Sabrina feel that the community in Lansing has been very supportive for them. Your support has helped them through this transition and they are very grateful. 

It has been comforting for them to see their children make friends with their neighbors and hope to see these relationships continue over the years. Demario said this is the first time they have had the space of a home (instead of an apartment) in a quiet neighborhood.

Demario and Sabrina are proud that their children see them going to work every day and feel this teaches them how to be independent.  Their advice for other families is to “stay focused and just do what you have to do.”



Shelly's Story

In the winter of 2015, Shelly moved her family into a home after saving for over a year to have the rent, security deposit and other move in costs covered. After just four months living there, Shelly found out her landlord had been renting her home illegally, with numerous health and safety violations. Due to unsafe conditions, Shelly and her kids had to leave home immediately. She did not have enough savings to secure a new rental so quickly.

Eventually sleeping on a relative’s floor in another county, Shelly was losing all hope for a normal life for her children. It was getting increasingly difficult to transport the children to and from school while Shelly continued to work. Shelly diligently called our shelter every morning for two weeks--every bed in our shelter was full—and eventually room became available. Shelly says each time she called to see if there was space for her family at Haven House, “the staff and volunteers who answered the phone were friendly and caring.” This gave Shelly hope that Haven House would be a positive environment for her kids during this difficult time.

They had never been to a shelter before and Shelly was concerned how her children would respond. Thanks to your support, from the day Shelly and her family entered Haven House she found relief and opportunity. Having other children there whose families were in similar homeless situations was relaxing for her children. Shelly shared information on local landlords and available rentals with the other parents in shelter. After viewing numerous rentals, Shelly found a landlord that she felt understood her situation and had a home that was perfect for her family. Shelly feels that the staff and volunteers at Haven House were extremely supportive with helping her move and very much appreciated the household items she received when she exited shelter to move into her new housing. These household items included dishes, pots and pans, cooking utensils, towels, blankets, sheets and general hygiene and cleaning supplies, which are all items made available to Haven House residents through the generosity of donors.

This April, Shelly and her kids celebrated one year in their new home. Shelly was impressed with all of the help that Haven House provided her family after they left shelter as well. They were invited back to Haven House for special events and her children really liked that. When Shelly’s extended family members saw how hard Shelly worked to get her family through this stressful situation and back into housing, and all the support she received from Haven House, they too became more supportive of her. Shelly has been an active participant in the Partners in Progress program and successfully maintained her housing for a year. We are so proud of Shelly!


All photos and videos are of actual former clients of Haven House. Some names have been changed.

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