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Upon entering Haven House, Sarah’s two children were having extreme emotional difficulties.  The family is originally from North Carolina, where a third child, a daughter, had been pushed into a lake while playing with friends and as a result became comatose.  After 4 years, the state of North Carolina was not willing to keep her daughter on life support, and Sarah had her transferred to Children’s Hospital in Detroit.  Sadly, soon after being transferred, Sarah’s daughter passed away. This caused the family to lose their only source of income at the time—the daughter’s disability payment—and  as a result Sarah and her two surviving children were evicted from their home.

Sarah and her kids entered Haven House in grief, but with hope.  With our support, she focused on making progress each day towards establishing an income and finding a home.  Sarah did not give up, and, while in shelter, found a job which has allowed her to secure permanent housing for her and her kids!  Sarah and her family have now successfully moved into their own home.  Despite plenty of hardships, families at Haven House work hard to achieve their goal of finding a home and leaving homelessness behind for good.  With the help of Haven House, Sarah’s journey has brought her to a permanent home where she and her two surviving children can begin to look toward the future, and face life’s ongoing challenges from a position of stability.  Donate now to help to help a family>>

Linda and Chris came to Haven House when financial pressures finally cracked their family budget.  Chris has special medical needs and was over 18 years old when he and his mom found themselves seeking shelter.  
Not only did Linda successfully find housing, she has maintained the same home now for more than three years!  Linda and Chris are so grateful, they have often spoken at public events on behalf of Haven House and the help they received here.
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Jodi didn’t have anywhere to go with her three daughters after substandard housing began to cause health problems for her family and they had to leave their rental. Every morning, Jodi drove her children to school and spent the rest of the day searching for housing. She made sure to seek a unit that would be affordable and suitable for her family. There were days when Jodi felt as if her situation would never change. She sometimes struggled with getting everything done in a given day, but staff helped give Jodi tips on how to balance her time in order to fit everything in.

Jodi remained focused, but at the same time Jodi and her daughters had a knack for making everyone around them laugh and brighten their day. Her oldest daughter was quiet and timid initially, but as the days passed she began to blossom and became the most outspoken. It was amazing to see her thrive while going through such a tough time. Jodi ’s family was able to move into their own home in less than a month after entering Haven House’s program and stay in contact through our Partners in Progress program to make sure they don’t find themselves in a housing crisis again. They were very excited to participate in the Adopt-a-Family program this past Christmas. They continue to remain resilient and still bring joy to everyone around them.

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