Meet Our Board of Directors

Stacy Hickox, Board President

Why did you get involved with Haven House?
I've had a long standing interest in the problems faced by the homeless, but I was asked by a former MSU student (who was a volunteer at Haven House) if I could help out.

What is your favorite part of being on the Board of Directors?
Stacy:  I enjoy working on our long term goals, such as increasing the number of families that we serve, because I see such a need in this community.

Could you tell us what you do at your job ? 
Stacy:  I'm an Associate Professor in the School of Human Resources and Labor Relations at MSU, where I teach courses in employment & labor law.  My research focuses on barriers to employment faced by people with disabilities or a criminal record.

If you had to describe Haven House in one word, how would you describe it? 
:  Family.