Urgent Needs

Haven House provides basic needs for the families in our shelter, and for those families in our Partners in Progress program who have moved into their own homes. These items are occasionally purchased, but much of what our families receive was generously donated by members of the community.

All in-kind donations are being accepted Monday-Friday by appointment only . Please contact Chequoya at (517) 348-0691 or by email to schedule your appointment. 

*If you are looking to host a donation drive, please contact Chequoya to discuss the donations before you conduct the drive*



The items our shelter needs at this time:
  1. Conditioner
  2. Women's Deodorant
  3. Laundry Soap
  4. Diaper Rash Cream
  5. All-Purpose Cleaner
  6. Paper Towel
  7. Disposable Cups
  8. Disposable Bowls
  9. Napkins




When clients enter shelter some only possess the clothing they are wearing and do not have an extra set of clothing to move through our intake process. Clients in need of basic clothing items such as a change of clothes, socks, and underwear receive a gift card to purchase those necessities and complete their intake until this need can be met through other community resources. 

  1. $50 Walmart Gift Card 
  2. Face Masks



Families moving into their own homes receive an exit package which includes household items to settle them in their new place. To keep up with the demand, we have created an Amazon Wishlist with basic and practical items our families with children need starting out which will ship straight to our door. Though this list has the exact items we are looking for, if you are able to find these items through another reseller, have some at home in great condition, have questions, or would like to schedule an appointment to drop off please contact Chequoya at (517) 348-0691 or by email "Accepting  these items is subject to storage space at the time of your donation."
  1. Comforters: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen
  2. Sheet sets: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen
  3. Shower Curtain w/hooks
  4. Bathroom Rugs
  5. Bath Towels
  6. Washcloths
  7. Utensils (forks, knives, spoons)
  8. Serving Utensils (spoons, tongs, spatula)
  9. Can Opener
  10. Knife Set
  11. Cutting Board
  12. Ice Trays
  13. Potholders
  14. Sauce Pans
  15. Frying Pans
  16. Pots
  17. Baking Pans: No glass
  18. Unbreakable Dishes-Melamine, Wheat Straw, Bamboo, Plastic(dinner plate, salad plate, bowl): No glass
  19. Unbreakable Cups-Wheat Straw, Plastic Tumbler: No glass
  20. Unbreakable Coffee Cups-Wheat Straw, Plastic: No glass
  21. Microwave 
  22. Coffee Maker
  23. Toaster
  24. Crock Pot
  25. Tupperware: No glass

Thank you for supporting our families in their journey to stability!