Urgent Needs

Urgent Needs

We are currently only accepting the time sensitive needs below.  No additional items are being accepted at this time.

Time Sensitive Needs as of 1/1/2021:

  • Women's Body Wash
  • Body Lotion
  • Conditioner

Health & Prevention Needs:
For families who recently exited shelter, currently sheltered families, and to keep our shelter clean and germ-free.

    • Clorox Wipes
    • Digital Thermometers
    • Hand Soap
    • Hand Sanitizer
    • Rubbing Alcohol
    • Hydrogen Peroxide
    • Bleach

    Family Needs:
    We continue to provide services to families
    in our PIP program.These are the needed items
    delivered to clients' homes monthly.

    • Toilet Paper
    • Paper Towel
    • All-Purpose Cleaner
    • Bathroom Cleaner
    • Laundry Detergent
    • Fabric Softener Sheets
    • Windex
    • Air Freshener
    • 13-Gallon Tall Kitchen Garbage Bags

    Shelter Needs:

    We continue to provide basic needs for homeless families in scattered shelter.

    • Men's & Women's Body Wash
    • Conditioner
    • Baby Shampoo
    • Baby Wash
    • Baby Lotion 
    • Pull-ups: 2T-3T, 3T-4T, 4T-5T
    *The additional items listed below are donations we can and cannot accept for your reference*


    Shelter Items
    • Liquid Hand Soap
    • Laundry Detergent
    • Food Storage Containers
    • Baby Wipes & Baby Formula
    • Diapers (All sizes, especially 5 and 6)
    • Quart-Size Ziploc Bags
    • Over-the-Counter Medications
    • 13-Gallon Tall Kitchen Garbage Bags
    • 33-Gallon and 39-Gallon Garbage Bags
    • Fabric Softener Sheets
    • Mops, Brooms and Dustpans
    • Sponges/Scrubbing Pads
    • Glass Cleaner
    Family Items

    When donated, these items are given to families as they move out of the shelter into their own permanent, affordable housing. A household items drive is a great way to help out families.

    • Can Opener
    • Dishes (Plates, Bowls, Cups, Pitchers, etc.)
    • Bed Sheets
    • Bath towels
    • Cooking Pots and Pans
    • Silverware
    • Brooms and Dustpans
    • Sponges/Scrubbing Pads
    • Sponge-Type Mops
    • General Cleaners (e.g. Comet, Spic & Span, Simple Green)
    • Coffee/Tea Pots
    Personal Supplies

    These items are used by residents while in the shelter and also, when available, given to families as they move into permanent housing. Unfortunately we can no longer accept travel-sized items.

    • Bar Soap, Body Wash
    • Shampoos & Conditioners
    • Plastic Shower Caddy
    • Lip Balm
    • Hand Lotion
    • Hairbrushes & Combs
    • Toothbrushes and Toothpaste
    • Deodorant (Men's & Women's)
    • African-American Hair Products
    • Adult, Children & Infant Cough & Cold Medicine
    • Motrin or Tylenol (or Generics)
    • Children's or Infant's Tylenol (or Generic)
    • Antibiotic Creams
    • Orajel (for Toothaches)
    • Facial Tissue
    • Diapers, Pull Ups, Wipes
    • Underwear (Men, Women, Children, All Sizes)
    • Shaving Cream
    • Razors

    Items we do not accept:

    Because of our very limited space, there are some items we are not able to take.

    • Furniture & Large Appliances
    • Large Baby Items
    • Throw Blankets
    • Open Cleaning, Hygiene, Office supplies
    • Travel Size Hygiene Items
    • Toys
    • Books
    • Computer Equipment - Please call (517) 337-2731 if you believe you have something we can use!

    Thank you for your support of homeless families in temporary shelter seeking permanent housing.

    Updated Donation Process

    There are three ways you can donate items to help families in shelter or in our Partner-In-Progress Program!  We are currently only accepting time sensitive needs.  No additional items are being accepted at this time.

    1.  Call Chequoya at 517-337-2731 to schedule a time to drop-off items from the list on the left. Appointments are available Monday-Friday from 10am-2pm.

    2.  Drive to the back entrance of our building at your scheduled appointment time, and call staff at 517-337-2731 to let them know you're here.

    3.  Receive a receipt from staff and know you made a difference for a local family!

    A few notes:

    *We can only accept items that you indicate in advance that you will be bringing.  No additional items will be accepted at the time of your appointment.

    * Your call to schedule an appointment will be returned within three business days by Chequoya.

    * If you are no longer able to make your appointment time, please call us to reschedule.


    Visit our Amazon Wish List and get items from our Urgent Needs List shipped right to Haven House.


    Items from our Urgent Needs list can be shipped to us via USPS or private carrier. 

    Donations can be shipped to:
    Haven House
    121 Whitehills Drive
    East Lansing, MI 48823