Your passion can change lives.
Whether you love cooking, you're a natural leader, or you've just been looking for a way to give back, our Volunteer & Projects Manager Chequoya Spearman can help you identify some rewarding tasks and create the ideal volunteer role. You will be taken to another screen to complete an application on our volunteer software "Better Impact," and will need to create an account before submitting the application. Once you've completed our volunteer application, you'll be contacted about next steps. 


All volunteers are required to submit their Ingham County Health Department screening 1 hour BEFORE every scheduled shift, no screening no entry. You can access the screening here or you can find the link on your volunteer page under "Current Volunteer News" then "screening."


Shelter & Families Shopper 

Volunteers shop at a local Meijer of their choice Monday-Friday, during the morning or afternoon, to help stock our shelves which will be used to provide food items for families currently being sheltered off-site in hotel accommodations as a coronavirus prevention/mitigation strategy, and when families return to Haven House. Volunteers will be provided shopping supplies which will include a shopping list and Meijer Food Only Gift Card. Volunteers will pick up supplies before shopping and bring everything back to Haven House with the receipt. A staff person will then put away the groceries for the shelter and deliver any groceries for families in off-site shelter. The only contact volunteers will have, besides shopping, is with staff when collecting what they need beforehand and providing staff the receipt and gift cards when they return.                            Interested in becoming a shopper? Apply here!

Volunteer for a Class, Project or Graduation Requirement

You will have the opportunity to help children in shelter not focus on their homeless situation by becoming an activity leader in our playroom or use your wealth of knowledge to help tutor K-12 core subjects offered on Thursday evenings. *THESE ROLES HAVE BEEN SUSPENDED*           

Also, preparing dinner for our families is a great option as you will learn about food insecurities among the homeless population and all that goes into planning, prepping, and preparing a meal for shelter families.  

Check with your teacher or professor to be sure that volunteering at Haven House, in a specific role mentioned above, will qualify you for credit.

Submit an application here and if you have questions or would like any documentation about your volunteerism, contact Chequoya Spearman.

Cook a Meal for Our Residents

Dinner is prepared every night at Haven House for the families staying in our shelter. Making dinner for our residents is a great way to give back with a group or by yourself! You can sign up for one-time opportunities or set up a weekly or monthly plan to prepare meals. Dinner is served at 5:30 pm. A dinner menu is drafted monthly and all the ingredients are here for you.

Interested in becoming a dinner volunteer? Apply here!


Supervise Youth Activities


If you or a group are looking to engage with children of all ages, then look no further! During your time volunteering, you will be a role model and mentor for children in shelter while providing them an outlet to just be kids during this difficult time.You will have the opportunity to plan activities or take advantage of our games, toys, and arts & crafts supplies.

Interested in becoming a youth volunteer? Apply here!


Welcome Families to Haven House

The Haven House office is open from 8 am to 8 pm, and either a staff member or volunteer is present at all times to assist the families and visitors who may call or visit. This is a great way to regularly volunteer one day a week for 2-4 hours and help homeless families seeking shelter, staff with small projects, collect and store much needed donations from the community, etc.

Interested in becoming an office volunteer? Apply here!


Group Volunteering & Shelter Upkeep

Are you a part of a group or club that's looking for more volunteer opportunities? Haven House offers a variety of options when it comes to giving back. With families moving into and out of Haven House every week, we have to work constantly to keep the shelter looking good. The shelter could always use some extra landscaping, maintenance, and other outdoor help. There is always a need for children's activities and volunteers as well as groups that can help paint, cook dinner for residents, organize, and help spread the word about Haven House.You can help us put our best foot forward by chipping in with routine maintenance inside and out. If you have a technical certification or operate a business, you may even be able to donate your labor for a tax deduction!

If you have questions about what specific projects or services we need volunteers for at this time, contact Chequoya Spearman or call the shelter at (517) 337-2731.


Fundraising/Marketing & Graphic Design

Haven House depends upon the support of the community to help end local homelessness. This can mean anything from large-scale corporate donations to grassroots fundraising, and it's often our volunteers and friends of the shelter who make this happen. If you have experience with business communication, marketing, graphic design, or just have a passion for helping the homeless, then we have an opportunity for you.

Our fundraising and marketing volunteers help coordinate events with local organizations, such as special meals where a portion of the proceeds are donated to Haven House or supply drives collecting urgent needs for the families in our shelter. If you work for a local business, have a child attending school in the greater Lansing area, or have out-of-the-box idea for an event that would help raise awareness and donations for Haven House, please let us know.

Volunteering at Haven House may also qualify you for an internship through your college, university, or professional organization. Utilize your skill with marketing, media, and graphic design to help families in crisis, build your resume, and cultivate your skills.

Interested in becoming a marketing volunteer? Apply here!

Court Ordered Community Service


Haven House also has a Court Ordered Community Service program. Submit an application to see if you qualify.