Volunteer: Dinner

Dinner is prepared every night at Haven House.  Making dinner for our residents is a great way to give back with a group or by yourself!  You can sign up for one-time opportunities or set up a weekly or monthly plan to prepare meals.  Dinner is served at 5:30 pm.  A dinner menu is drafted monthly.  If you are preparing dinner on a certain night, you have a few options:

If cooking at Haven House we recommend arriving at 3:30 pm.  Any menu items needing defrosting should already be in the refrigerator before you arrive (shelter staff does this).  If you plan to deviate from the menu, let us know so we do not defrost unless needed. 

Meals should be prepared and ready by 5:30.  We serve dinner buffet style.  Sometimes you may encounter residents who are present to eat then.  Often residents come in a bit later so you may not interact with all residents at serving time.  We do encourage you to join residents for dinner if you wish!
Dinner preparation volunteers are NOT required to do ANY dishes.  This is one big reason to cook here instead of at home!  Remember, you are cooking for 30 people and we prefer to have too much food instead of too little.
Be sure to let us know if you cannot make your dinner preparation as scheduled so shelter staff can be prepared to make dinner that night.

Allergies are posted on the kitchen fridge.  Please label anything you prepare that includes foods on the allergy list.

Interested in becoming a dinner volunteer?  Apply here!